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Audio Transfer 

Audio tapes are especially vulnerable to deterioration. In addition to the age-related break down of audio tape itself, exposure to magnetic fields can cause damage or erasure, and just the playing the tape will cause degradation. As for records, they can easily be scratched or broken, and finding a record player in working order is another problem. Digitizing your tapes and records is the best way to stop deterioration and preserve them for future enjoyment.  

What we Transfer*

  • Reel-to-reel tapes (1/4 inch)
  • Audio cassettes
  • Micro cassettes
  • DAT tape
  • Vinyl Records (33, 45 and 78 rpm) 

We are also able to capture audio tracks from the following video formats:

  • VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS
  • Video 8, Hi-8, Digital 8
  • MiniDV, DVC Pro
  • DVD, Mini-DVD

Output Options

  • Audio CD
  • MP3 to CD or DVD
  • Thumb Drives
  • Hard Drives

How we Transfer

We use professional playback equipment, digital converters and sound editing software for optimal transfer results. After capture, the digital file is run through software filters to clean up any unwanted audio noise such as clicks, pops and hiss. Blank or indiscernible sections are also removed. The digital file is then burned to an audio CD or other output option with separate tracks for each tape, record, or reel transferred.

Price List 

Type of Transfer


Audio Tape - all supported formats

$25 / hr. of capture

Records  - all supported formats

$25 / record

Capture Audio Track from Videotape

$25 / hr. of capture 

*Copyright Issues 

Copyright laws exist to protect an artist from illegal distribution of their work. However, when you own the original LP or recording, you are allowed to make a back-up copy onto a different medium (e.g. cassette tape to Audio CD) when that recording is for your own use. It is not legal to sell or give that copy to anyone else for their use. 

We will transfer copyrighted recordings to Audio CD and provide one copy only. Requests for multiple copies will be declined unless the recording is in the public domain or you provide proof that you hold the copyright.

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