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Video Transfer 

Starting from the mid-1980s, videotape has been the primary way that families have recorded their activities. Since then, many different formats of videotape have come and gone as new camera technologies were introduced.  Unfortunately, videotapes do not have a long life span. Older generation analog tapes such as VHS and Hi-8 are at the greatest risk due to physical deterioration. The most practical way of preserving the content on a videotape is to have it digitized.  Once digitized, the content can be saved on DVDs or other storage media that will preserve it far into the future without further deterioration of video quality.

What we Transfer

  • VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS
  • 8mm, Hi-8, Digital 8
  • MiniDV, DV Cam
  • Mini DVD discs
  • Sony Beta tapes
  • U-matic

Also, for current generation HD video cameras, we can assist in transferring the digital video files stored on camera hard drives or flash media cards to DVDs, Blu-ray discs, or converting them into different digital formats.

How we Transfer

For our standard process, we use professional-grade video playback units to output the original, analog video signal from your tapes. This signal is then passed through a high-end Canopus digital converter and capture card that passes the file along to a video editing workstation where clean-up is performed.  The color balance and contrast are optimized, blank sections of tape are cut out, and audio synchronization is corrected if necessary.

We also offer the economical option of capturing your tapes directly to DVD without any type of clean-up editing being performed. 

Output Options 

Captured video files can be output to:

  • DVD, Blu-ray
  • Editable file formats to hard drive
  • Converting video files into any major format

Custom Services

Once your videotapes have been digitized, professional editing services are available for basic cutting of your material all the way up to producing "highlights" videos, which are family keepsakes. We will give you a quote for any custom editing that you are interested in.


Video Transfer 


Standard Service:  All tape formats to DVD

$25 / hour

Economy Service:  Direct to DVD Recording

$10 /  hour

* A one hour minimum charge applies to video transfers. The hourly charge is applied only to the recorded portion of a tape.  Fractional time over one hour is prorated.

Standard Service includes output to DVD, DVD Menus with full-motion chapter points, Personalized DVD surface label and DVD case insert.  A maximum of 2 hours per DVD.

Economy Service includes output to DVD, generic start menu, no chapter points, no clean up editing, text surface label, economy case without case insert.  A maximum of 2 hours per DVD.

Output Services 



Output to DVD

included in cost of transfer

Output to Blu-ray

$25 / disc

Output to Hard Drive

$25 / hour

Transcoding Video Files

$15 / file

Custom Video Editing

$75 / hour

Digital Video Dimensions
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