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HD (high-definition) transfers of 8mm, Super 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm movie film is one of our most popular services. Typically filmed during the 1940s-80s, home movies are a joy to re-discover in digital form and provide wonderful family history viewing.  If safely stored over the years, this type of film holds up nicely and usually digitizes very well. 

What we Transfer 

  • 8mm, Super 8mm, 9.5mm, and 16mm film 

How we Transfer Film

Upon receipt, every order is kept completely separate in its own workbox.  Film is cleaned if necessary, bad splices are repaired, and reels are then processed in the sequence you specify. We use the latest high-defition (HD) film transfer technology that digitally captures film "frame by frame" and then routes output to a video editing workstation. There, film speed corrections and clean up editing is performed (un-viewable sections removed, and color is corrected to the extent possible).  

Output Options

Your digitized film can be output to DVD, thumb drive, or a hard drive for your own editing and archiving.  We can also convert the files into formats designed for iPods, YouTube or other uses.


Our film transfer service is priced by footage. The tables on this page will help you determine the type of film that you have, approximately how much film you have and the price per foot for conversion. The amount charged for digitizing your film is based on the actual footage that passes through the transfer equipment, so reels that are under/over capacity are accounted for correctly.

Price per Foot to Digitize 

Film Type

Standard Def

Hi Def

8mm / 9.5mm / 16mm

$0.20 / Foot

$0.25 / Foot

Prices include output to either DVD or hard drive.
Custom Services 

Custom services are also available to enhance your project. Adding music, titles or professional editing of your footage are available options.

Music Track

$25 / hr. of program runtime

Adding Titles

$5 / title

Custom Editing

$75 / hour

Watch a Sample Home Movie 
Film Formats 
Minutes of Film on a Reel 

Reel Diameter

8mm / 16mm Footage

8mm / 16mm Run Time


50 Feet

3-5 / 1-3 Minutes


100 Feet

6-10 / 3-5 Minutes


200 Feet

12-20 / 6-10 Minutes


300 Feet

18-30 / 12-20 Minutes


400 Feet

24-60 / 18-30 Minutes

NOTE: 16mm reels can be up to 15" in diameter and hold 2,300 ft. of film.

Digital Video Dimensions
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